J. Cole Wraps Up 'Return of the Dreamers III' Session
J. Cole Wraps Up 'Return of the Dreamers III' Session
Source: Dreamville

Bryson Tiller and J. Cole Sued By Producer G-Money Over Stolen Beat

J. Cole Wraps Up 'Return of the Dreamers III' Session Source: Dreamville

J. Cole and Tiller are in some legal trouble. 

Music producer G-Money filed an infringement lawsuit against Bryson Tiller and J. Cole. The producer claimed that the artists stole the instrumental to his track "Shawty So Cold" when making their respective songs: Tiller's "Exchange," in 2015, and J. Cole's "Déjà Vu," in 2016.

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G-Money's accusations first surfaced back in 2016 when he uploaded a 12-minute long video showing himself returning to the original files with date stamps to prove they haven't been tampered with, since their creation in January of 2013. The producer then compared the two tracks in question to his own material. From what he suggests, they lifted "the same kick pattern, snare pattern, FX Swell and vocal strike" from the track, saying "the substantial similarities between the three songs are of no coincidence.”

G-Money is now taking legal actions to secure $150,000 for both infringements, with Sony, RCA Records, and Roc Nation listed as co-defendants.

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These demands come in addition to an injunction against both Tiller and Cole for continuing to capitalize on G-Money's allegedly stolen work.

The producers of "Déjà Vu," Vinylz and Boi-1da, had an accusation of their own in 2016. They said that the "Exchange" producer Foreign Teck stole their beat, despite Tiller releasing his track nearly a year prior to Cole's release.

Teck took to social media to deny having stolen anything, even going so far as to mention G-Money's aforementioned video.

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