BIA For Certain EP Cover Art
BIA For Certain EP Cover Art

Stream BIA's New EP 'For Certain' Featuring Lil Jon, Lil Durk & More

On For Certain, over eight tracks, BIA stakes her claim as a face to watch in 2021.

BIA has officially unveiled her newest EP For Certain. The energetic release from the rapper-singer features appearances by Lil Jon, Lil Durk, Doe Boy and 42 Dugg. 

Earlier this year, she came out the gate swinging with the singles “Cover Girl” and “Same Hands.” Both tracks have gone on to be heavily streamed solidifying her as an artist to watch as the year comes to a close. 

For Certain is a rebaptism of sorts, in the past, BIA has already garnered traction for her braggadocious bars which are typically paired with trap beats. Lyrically, she sticks to what’s most comfortable for her on this project. There’s a bit of experimentation heard on this EP too, but it works. It’s a fitting follow-up to 2018’s Nice Girls Finish Last: Cuidado, a mixtape.

When tasked with describing the theme behind her EP, the Medford, Massachusetts native shares, “The message behind this project is to trust your intuition, be sure of who you are, be authentic and with all that you do move with certainty.” She adds that’s where the name For Certain derives from. 

In terms of the process behind recording, she notes that she creates music swiftly. “Most of the songs came out the same day I heard the beat, but I’m a perfectionist so the minor tweaks and changes [are] what takes up most of the time,” she shared in an email. Even with her Type A mannerisms, BIA admits she feels as though with her music, she’s always changing or adding something even when a track is complete. 

“Myself, my losses, my wins, my fans, these were the driving factors behind this EP,” BIA said. “I got to a point where it didn’t matter who believed in me anymore, I’m doing it for me and those who need it.” The closing track on For Certain “Free BIA (1st Day Out)” digs into this a bit. Her lyrics are biting and equally territorial, she makes it clear in this song that her artistry is solely in her hands.

BIA describes her sound as “powerful.” This is a worthy revelation as she sits amongst the slew of thriving women artists and rappers who’ve embraced their own power in 2020. These chosen few have managed to stand out in the crowded, swiftly paced entertainment industry. Even with COVID-19 looming, she asserts that she’s still pushing through despite the pandemic. “I miss shows and seeing people in real life but that’s why music is so powerful.” She adds, “You don’t have to see it to feel it.”

Stream For Certain below.