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André 3000 to Appear on the Soundtrack For New A24 Movie 'Everything Everywhere At Once'

On the soundtrack for upcoming A24 film Everything Everywhere At Once, Moses Sumney appears and André 3000 makes four contributions.

Fresh off his Super Bowl ad for Squarespace, André 3000 has hopped back into music – but this time, it's under his legal name. On the soundtrack for new the A24 sci-fi action film Everything Everywhere At Once, he appears as André Benjamin playing flute on the Mitski and David Byrne duet "This Is a Life." Moses Sumney has a solo highlight on track "Fence" while other contributors include Randy Newman, Chris Pattishall, yMusic and more. The soundtrack is set to release on April 8th.

Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert directed Everything Everywhere At Once, which releases in theatres on March 25th. Son Lux who scored the film wrote a statement about their work on the soundtrack:

"Even though we knew from the moment Daniels asked us to score this film that it would push us in new and unexpected directions, we couldn’t have predicted how much we’d learn from the project. What emerged was our most ambitious undertaking to date, over two years in the making, resulting in two hours of new music. It was an opportunity for us to play, to infuse humor into our work, and to experiment from and beyond our various musical backgrounds."

André last appeared on DONDA cut "Life of the Party" with Ye. Fans are also well aware of André and his flute. 

Read the full tracklist for Everything Everywhere All at Once (Original Soundtrack) below.

01 This Is a Life (Extended) [ft. Mitski and David Byrne]

02 Wang Family Portrait

03 Very Busy

04 Vvvery Busy

05 What Are You Thinking About?

06 What a Fast Elevator!

07 Switch Shoes to the Wrong Feet

08 Nothing Could Possibly Matter More

09 A Choice

10 Chapstick

11 The Fanny Pack

12 Jobu Tupaki

13 The Alphaverse

14 The Mission [ft. Nina Moffitt]

15 Deirdre Fight

16 Waymond Cries

17 I Love You Kung Fu

18 My Life Without You [ft. André Benjamin]

19 The Story of Jobu [ft. Nina Moffitt]

20 Rendezvous at the Premiere

21 It’s You… Juju Toobootie [ft. Chris Pattishall and Nina Moffitt]

22 Everything Bagel

23 You’re Living Your Worst You

24 The Boxcutter [ft. André Benjamin]

25 Send Every Available Jumper

26 Opera Fight [ft. Surrija and yMusic]

27 Dog Fight [ft. André Benjamin]

28 Drummer Fight

29 Plug Fight

30 Pinky Fight [ft. André Benjamin]

31 I Have Been Watching [ft. Rob Moose and Nina Moffitt]

32 Somewhere Out There in All That Noise

33 Jobu Sees All

34 The Temple

35 Evelyn Everywhere

36 Evelyn All at Once

37 This Is How I Fight

38 In Another Life

39 It All Just Goes Away

40 Clair de Lune (Pied au Piano) [ft. Chris Pattishall]

41 Come Recover (Empathy Fight)

42 Your Day Will Come (Empathy Fight)

43 Let Me Go

44 Specks of Time

45 This Is a Life [ft. Mitski and David Byrne]

46 Fence [ft. Moses Sumney]

47 Now We’re Cookin’ [ft. Randy Newman]

48 Sucked Into a Bagel [ft. Stephanie Hsu]

49 I Love You