Wu-Tang Clan book protected by NFTs
Wu-Tang Clan book protected by NFTs
Is a limited edition coffee table NFT art? Source: Wu-Tang Clan

Wu-Tang Clan is Releasing 36 Copies of A 400-Pound Book Via Non-Fungible Tokens

Wu-Tang Clan: Legacy is 300 pages of rare, never-before-seen photos.

The industry of non-fungible tokens or NFTs is taking off, and the biggest names in hip-hop are getting involved. On Wednesday, Wu-Tang Clan announced the eventual release of Wu-Tang Clan: Legacy, a 400-pound coffee table style book featuring rare, never-before-seen pictures of the legendary group. Only 36 copies of the book will be made available for pre-order. Each copy will be signed by the group, numbered, and stamped with a certification of authenticity. Watch a short promo video about the book below.

Wu-Tang Management CEO John "Mook" Gibbons spoke about the new book in a press release. The 300-page book will be made of steel and bronze, with each copy individually designed by sculptor Gethin Jones. The books were inspired by bronze ritual bowls of the Zhou Dynasty.

"From conception to the present day," Gibbons said, "this is the story of the undisputed greatest Hip Hop group of all time being unveiled through rare and never before seen photos."

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are a special type of digital art, used to create digital ownership. Art sales were an early use of NFTs, blockchain technology was involved to provide proof of authenticity and digital ownership. This concept limits the potential of unauthorized mass reproduction of artwork. The National Basketball Association recently got involved with its NBA Top Shot market.

Back in October, MF DOOM released a set of eleven augmented reality masks in an auction via NFTs. According to Illust Space, the company organizing the event, the auction was a first in the decentralized finance industry.

"This collaboration represents a tipping point for augmented reality," CEO Rob McCarthy said at the time. "With Snap, Instagram, Niantic, Adobe, Microsoft, Alphabet and Apple fighting for augmented reality platform dominance, the least we can do is ensure an equitable system for artists to create, sell, and track their work."

Stay tuned for further updates on rap and hip-hop-inspired NFTs.