MF DOOM live at L'Original in Lyon, France (shot by Mr. Mass)
MF DOOM live at L'Original in Lyon, France (shot by Mr. Mass)
Photo Credit: Mr. Mass for Okayplayer

MF DOOM is Auctioning Off a Set of Augmented Reality Masks

MF DOOM will auction off eleven total masks in the auction.

Starting October 23, MF DOOM fans have their chance to (figuratively) get their hands on their favorite rapper's signature mask. The rapper will auction off a total of eleven augmented reality masks to willing buyers, with eight in the first drop and three more on October 28.

The auction is the result of a partnership between DOOM and Illust Space. With the Illust Space app, winners will be able to buy, sell and trade as well as project the masks into the real world.

"This collaboration with MF DOOM represents a tipping point for augmented reality, the NFT market, and the ubiquitous digital layer that is a battleground for big tech" says CEO and Co-Founder Rob McCarty. "With Snap, Instagram, Niantic, Adobe, Microsoft, Alphabet and Apple fighting for augmented reality platform dominance, the least we can do is ensure an equitable system for artists to create, sell, and track their work."

Illust Space is offering augmented reality artists the opportunity to publish and track their artwork across the mediums of video games, apps, social media networks, galleries, and other digital art.

According to the company, this auction represents a first in the decentralized finance industry. Smart Contracts and non-fungible tokens (not interchangeable) are being used to establish value for augmented reality art, an art form that until now, has not been able to be monetized with the traditional means of the market.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding MF DOOM's blockchain auction.