Watch The Trailer for Dave Chappelle's New Podcast 'The Midnight Miracle'
Watch The Trailer for Dave Chappelle's New Podcast 'The Midnight Miracle'
Photo by Cassidy Sparrow for TOA Group via Getty Images.

Watch The Trailer for Dave Chappelle's New Podcast The Midnight Miracle

yasiin bey recites a prayer in the first look at Chappelle's new podcast series, The Midnight Miracle.

In case you missed the memo, Dave Chappelle is launching a podcast with Black Star. Announced in a press release yesterday, The Midnight Miracle will feature an unconventional format, stitching together the highlights from more than 100 hours of recordings from Chappelle's all-star comedy summer camp, with yasiin bey and Talib Kweli as his co-hosts/curatorial wingmen.

And now we have our first look at the show. Today, the comedian set a spiritual tone for the series, sharing a brief teaser for The Midnight Miracle, featuring a prayer from bey that could double as a disclaimer for the show. "To the one who has created the all, you know us better than we know ourselves. And we know ourselves better than others know or pretend to know us. So pardon us for our shortcomings, whether they be known or unknown. Make us better than whatever they say and do not make us responsible for whatever they say," recites bey.

Though Chappelle has yet to unveil a firm release date for The Midnight Miracle, all signs seem to point towards an imminent arrival. The show will be featured on Luminary, a paid subscription network that houses original podcast series from Trevor Noah, Russell Brand, Michael Rappaport, and Soledad O'Brien. It's also slated to have an impressive soundtrack with songs from D'Angelo, Thelonious Monk, Heatwave, Charlie Parker, and other luminaries of funk, soul, and jazz.

Watch the trailer for Dave Chappelle's new podcast series, The Midnight Miracle, below. Hold tight for updates on the show's premiere in the days and weeks ahead.