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Tory Lanez to Speak Publicly for the First Time Since Megan thee Stallion Shooting

Tory Lanez broke his silence on social media for the first time since July.

Back in July, Megan thee Stallion was wounded in a shooting in Los Angeles while partying with Tory Lanez. Lanez was later arrested on felony gun charges, but no further news emerged at that point. After weeks of speculation, Megan revealed that Lanez indeed fired the shots. On Thursday, Lanez broke his silence on social media, tweeting for the first time since July 11.

"To my fans, I'm sorry for my silence," he tweeted. "But respectfully, I got time today. 9 PM PST."

On August 19, the Los Angeles Police Department announced it'd be reviewing potential charges of felony assault with a firearm in the case. In subsequent weeks, Megan revealed she'd undergone surgery to remove the bullets, and identified Lanez as the shooter for the first time. Subsequently, artists like Kehlani announced their support for Megan. Kehlani also announced her intent to remove Lanez from their collaboration "Can I."

Two weeks ago, TMZ released a report that alleged Lanez apologized for the shooting less than 24 hours afterwards. "I know u prolly never gone talk to me again," he allegedly wrote. "But I genuinely want u to know I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart...I was just too drunk. None the less shit should have never happened and I can't change what [I] did. I just feel horrible...cuz I genuinely just got too drunk."

HotNewHipHop report revealed the shooting has had a drastic impact on Lanez' streaming numbers. According to the report, during the week of Megan's livestream on August 20, his numbers plummeted by nearly 9 million, dropping 40% from the week before. Lanez didn't address the shooting, but reached out to refute the numbers.

Stay tuned for further updates from Tory Lanez.

In a recent interview with Complex, T.I.--who's spoken out in support of Megan since the shooting--revealed he'd spoken with Lanez about the situation.

“I think that’s all of our obligation and responsibilities," he said, "not even as artists, or as rappers, or as executives in this business, but as men, as a Black man. We can’t allow nobody, myself included, to be out here goddamn letting off shots at women in bikinis. Now, I just have a problem with that.”

According to T.I., Tory didn't offer any details regarding what led to the shooting. Like most, he responded with skepticism.

“I spoke to him and he said the shit didn’t happen like that,” he said. “I said, ‘Well, you need to be saying something, bruh. How did it happen?’ And he said he couldn’t say nothing about how it did actually happen. I told him I understood that. I said, ‘Man, you can’t expect nobody to ignore the facts that are being presented if you don’t have any other conclusive facts that can overturn these. You got to say something, bruh. If you ain’t going to say nothing, you can’t expect nobody else to. I ain’t about to just shut up when you got facts out here that say it’s a woman been shot at the hands of another Black man within the culture. We’ve got to speak out on that."