The Good, Great, and Hilarious Celebrity Reactions to The Biden-Harris Win

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The Good, Great, and Hilarious Celebrity Reactions to The Biden-Harris Win
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Celebrity reactions ranged from tears to laughs to shade to glee to relief to every other conceivable feeling in the spectrum of emotion in response to a historic presidential win.

Well, it’s finally in the book. Following four days of wreaking havoc on the country’s collective psyche, the 2020 election has been called. Joe Biden is the next President of The United States. Kamala Harris is the first Black-Asian woman to be Vice President-elect in US history. And cities across the country are already filling the streets relishing the historic win in a painfully close election.

But pedestrians aren’t the only ones celebrating this moment. Actors, musicians, comedians, and entertainers from every pocket of all industries were sharing tears, laughs, shade, glee, relief, and virtually the full spectrum of human emotion, throughout the day. Some reactions were good, some great, some downright cold and hilarious, but all equally and unquestionably genuine. From Lizzo‘s jet-ski send-off to Jordan Peele‘s flat dismissal to Michael B. Jordan‘s stately welcome to Beyoncé and beyond, there’s some damn-good internet to take in if you’re not out there celebrating (which is perfectly sensible, given, you know, the pandemic and all.)

Scroll through some of the best celebrity reactions to the 2020 presidential election below.


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