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Photo Credit: John McCoy/Getty Images

Soulja Boy Told Em: Rapper's Investment in Cleaning Supplies Pays Off Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Gettyimages 1136272100 594x594 Photo Credit: John McCoy/Getty Images

Soulja Boy mentioned his investment during his Breakfast Club interview on Wednesday.

Business is booming yet again for Soulja Boy. The "Crank That" rapper recently joined The Breakfast Club to speak about his social media hiatus, time in jail, and more.

During the interview, Soulja mentioned his past business ventures, like his ill-fated SouljaGame console. Additionally, he offhandedly mentioned that he'd invested in The Soap Shop, a small corporation that specializes in soap and dish detergent. According to TMZ, the investment is a smart one, to say the least. Amidst panic surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, The Soap Shop's sales have increased at a 3,000% percent rate.

The company usually sells around 100 cleaning products per month. Reportedly, that number now stands at over 3,000 products in the last two months alone. Soulja and his longtime manager Miami Mike bought a brick-and-mortar location in South Haven, Mississippi.

In April 2019, Soulja Boy received a 240-day jail sentence for a probation violation. San Fernando Valley police found ammunition in his home after obtaining a search warrant. The warrant was obtained after his former partner Nia Riley accused him of beating and kidnapping her. The original probation sentence stemmed from a 2014 charge for carrying a loaded firearm in public. Due to the jail's overcrowding and Soulja Boy's good behavior, he served just 94 days of that sentence.

Back in 2018, Soulja attempted to break into the gaming development world. He released the SouljaGame Console and Handheld, both emulators that were eventually removed from his site in less than a month.