Snoop Dogg and Schoolboy Q Talk Frustration with Clearing Samples: “I Was Trying to Get You Some Bread!"

Schoolboy added that his new album is complete.

Schoolboy Q appeared on Snoop Dogg's GGN YouTube series on Tuesday afternoon. The two discussed the process of creating albums, a potential TDE tour, and more. Watch the full video above.

About 14 minutes into the interview, Schoolboy Q revealed a TDE tour could follow the completion of his labelmates' albums. He continued to say there were a few remaining loose ends, including sample clearances.

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"My album's done," Schoolboy said. Snoop interjected, asking about the release process. Schoolboy noted that one particular holdup is clearing samples. "It's so much stuff once you're done with the album," he said. "The samples, this and that. Then a nigga doesn't want to clear it, you gotta redo it, oh my god."

The topic obviously struck a chord with Snoop. The Chronic and his debut album Doggystyle sampled funk classics from George Clinton, Parliament, and many more.

"I've done that 100 times when we had to change a song," Snoop interjected. "I'm like cuz, I don't even like it no more. You done fucked my whole song up. I was trying to get you some bread! Your old ass sitting at home doing nothing, watching M*A*S*H."

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Snoop went on to thank the artists who cooperated with his creative vision. "Shoutout to the real motherfuckers like Roy Ayers, Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Charlie Wilson, Ron Isley...we appreciate y'all. We gonna keep using y'all music, getting y'all paid."