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Snoop 3

Snoop Dogg Thinks Drake Didn't Lose Pusha T Beef: "It Was Like a Draw to Me"

Snoop discussed the feud on the latest episode of GGN. 

Snoop Dogg has released the latest episode of his GGN series. This edition features Michael Rapaport. The two discussed Donald Trump, the state of hip-hop, and more.

Snoop and Michael discussed the modern state of rap, and elder statesmen's response to the genre's stars. Snoop admitted when he first heard Drake's music, he wasn't a believer. However, Drake's response (or lack thereof) to Pusha T's diss assured Snoop he was here to stay.

"Pusha T you did that, you scored a 10," Snoop said. "But at the same time, [Drake's] answer was a 10. So it was like a draw to me. When Drake first came out, I was like, ‘He’s just gonna be here today and gone tomorrow,” Snoop said. “Then I’m like, ‘This motherfucker don’t miss.’ In the heat of battle he don’t miss. In the heat of controversy, he don’t miss."

Drake released Scorpion just a month after Pusha released "The Story of Adidon." The album was certified five-times platinum by the RIAA as of January 2019.

"The nigga made [In My Feelings] when Pusha-T took off on him," Snoop said. "I’m gonna have everybody in your family, everybody in the world singing this fucking 'Kiki do you love me.' That’s the answer. The answer is not, I can’t match you [lyrically], but you can’t match me with this song that’s gonna play forever when they forget about that diss and then [at] your birthday party for your daughter in four years, guess what they’re gonna be playing? ‘Kiki do you love me?'"

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