Ryan Coogler Reveals ‘Black Panther’s’ Alternative Ending

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Black Panther is the Movie Experience of the Year
Source: IMDb
Black Panther is the Movie Experience of the Year

Source: IMDb

This post contains spoilers (obviously)

How do you end a movie like Black Panther?

This is one of the puzzles Ryan Coogler and his staff had to figure out. They did a good job; the movie ends with T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) and his sister Shuri (Letitia Wright), figuring out how to share their advanced technologically with the outside world.

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However, there was another ending in mind. Director Coogler sat down with The Empire Film Podcast to talk about the film. One thing he mentioned was the ending. Coogler revealed that one of the post-credit scenes, the U.N. sequence, where T’Challa talks about Wakanda outreaching, was originally going to be the ending.

Coogler said:

It was [almost the ending]. We played with a lot of different ways to end it. We went back and forth about the U.N., and we had a version where it was the U.N. before the scenes in Oakland at the end. But we really kind of settled on how do we want the movie to end? And it came back to that symmetry, and it came back to the most moving version of it. That’s what we were asking ourselves, ‘Who’s more moved emotionally, that kid or the people sitting in the U.N.?’ Who is that a bigger deal to for T’Challa to walk in, who’s more connected to him?

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Coogler goes on and explains the emotional effect that the settled on ending had:

“As a kid, growing up, when you see somebody who looks like an older version of you doing something awesome, it’s like, ‘What’s going on?’ That’s kind of what that moment… We kind of went with the less distilled emotion, and the U.N. makes sense afterwards for where Wakanda could be going in the future of this universe.”

If you have some time, listen to the entire podcast here.

Source: Empire Film Podcast H/T: Slash Film

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