Pusha t its almost dry album listening event in nyc
Photo Credit: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for Def Jam

Pusha T Talks About Alleged Drake Diss: "That Ain’t a Warrior Talk”

In two new interviews with TIDAL and GQ Hype, Pusha T talks "hating" his last album as part of Clipse and his longtime feud with Drake.

Pusha T is taking the gloves off. In new features with TIDALand GQ Hype following the release of his fourth album It's Almost Dry, the rapper talked candidly about disliking 2009 Clipse album Til the Casket Drops and his long-running feud with Drake, respectively.

While speaking with TIDAL, Push spoke about No Malice deciding to leave the duo after the release of Til the Casket Drops.

"I hate it. I hate it. And when a song comes on, like “I’m Good,” man, this was a little bit of a bop. Hate it. Soon as I find myself bopping a little bit too much — ah, damn. And there's another thing. Bro, Malice is telling you the whole time, he’s leaving," Push said. "You hear it the whole way through the album. ... The transition is happening, the album’s out, I’m touring and he comes and brings me a book and says, “Man, you probably should go read my book. But I think you should just go solo because I don’t want to do this.”

In GQ Hype, Push delved into a recent Drake and Jack Harlow collaboration leak that was alleged to be a diss towards him.

“I’m cool now. Have a good time. It sounds so old to me,” Pusha said. “The flow sounds old, the shots don’t even—like what is that? That ain’t a warrior talk.”

Later in the interview, Push discussed not bringing up their feud on It's Almost Dry and taking the "never engaging" approach.

“I could never cheapen my album with [that],” he said. “Everybody’s on my time. Everybody. And right now, I have the best rap album. I sound the freshest, I sound the newest, I sound the best of everybody.”