Nipsey Hussle Wanted to Remake dead prez’ ‘Let’s Get Free’ For His Next Album

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Stic of dead prez recently talked about a brief meeting with Nipsey Hussle.

Recently DJ Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg hosted Stic and M1 of dead prez on their Juan Ep is Dead podcast. The conversation covered the group’s rise to fame, Nipsey Hussle, Let’s Get Free, and more. Stream the full episode on any digital streaming platform.

About 26 minutes into the conversation, the conversation turned to Sam Greenlee’s 1969 novel, The Spook Who Sat By the Door. Stic revealed that the book inspired him even before he became an artist, and that he would later bond with Nipsey Hussle about it.

“I had a conversation with Nipsey Hussle, maybe not even a year before he passed. He had just solidified his deal with Atlantic. He hit me on [Instagram] saying he wanted to get in touch…we had this hour long conversation about what he had been trying to do to that point as an independent, and how he wanted his situation to be with Atlantic.”


Stic says that Nipsey had a three-album arc all planned out for his major label deal, and needed his blessing for one crucial component.

“His three-album mission,” he explained, “was to do Victory Lap, he was going to do another album, then his final one that he would owe Atlantic would be his final album called The Spook Who Sat by the Door. He told me he wanted to redo Let’s Get Free and wanted our permission to sample and really re-do it for what he called ‘his generation.’ We just had a heart-to-heart, back-and-forth and obviously, we didn’t get to go there. But I just wanted to speak to the type of heart Nip had.”

Hussle previously referenced the book on “Blue Laces 2” from Victory Lap.


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