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Nicolas lb uvsyr0eualy unsplash
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New Music Study Suggests Consumers Seeking Nostalgic, Uplifting Content While Quarantined

Billboard and Nielsen Music conducted interviews with nearly 1,000 citizens.

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated lives and industries for the foreseeable future. With no live events to look forward to, the pandemic has changed lives for many consumers.

Billboard and Nielsen Music recently teamed up to produce a study on the virus's effects on consumption habits. Researchers collected data from 945 consumers via online surveys from March 25th to March 29th.

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The results suggest consumers are seeking nostalgic, calming, and uplifting content while under quarantine. Over the past week, 87 percent of music consumers listened to music they usually listened to. 55 percent said that they listened to music they used to listen to, but hadn't heard in a while.

When asked what they'd prefer most from the music industry, 55 percent of consumers chose uplifting and happy music. 53 percent voted for ad-free music streaming, while 52 percent wanted extended free trials for streaming services. 44 percent chose calming music or music for meditation.

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Unsurprisingly, the results suggest that music consumers are streaming to pass the time. The results also point to an increase in music video streaming and children's music, with an increased amount of remote workers and schools closed.

Fortunately for artists, the study does offer optimistic results regarding virtual concerts. Of consumers who watched virtual concerts or live-streamed performances, 64% were satisfied with the experience.

View the full details of the study on Billboard.