Memorial service for george floyd held in minneapolis
Memorial service for george floyd held in minneapolis
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"It's a Blessing": Master P on Kim Kardashian's Pledge to Free C-Murder

Master P spoke with TMZ about the campaign to free his younger brother.

On Sunday, Kim Kardashian-West made headlines after a string of tweets about incarcerated No Limit MC C-Murder. Born Corey Miller, the 49-year-old was convicted of second-degree murder charges in 2003. On Tuesday, Master P spoke out about Kim's decision to join Monica and the Reform Alliance to reopen the case.

"My whole thing is on getting my brother home," P said in a video obtained by TMZ. "Whatever anybody does that's going to support that, I appreciate it. I know that Kim Kardashian and all these people are coming to the table, I appreciate it. Whatever we can do to get my brother home--that's what it's about. It's just a blessing that people understand that my brother is innocent. He should have been free."

Master P expressed concerns about the state of Louisiana's judicial system, adding that it "has a lot of corruption."

C-Murder's charges stem from an altercation in a now-closed Harvey, Louisiana nightclub that led to the death of 16-year-old Steve Thomas. In her tweets, Kardashian-West apologized to Thomas' family of re-opening the wound. Miller was convicted by a 10-2 vote. In Louisiana, a 10-2 vote is sufficient for conviction but a 9-3 vote results in a mistrial. In a 2013 appeal, Miller's attorneys argued that since federal juries must reach unanimous decisions in criminal cases, Miller should not have been convicted.

Since the appeal was denied, two witnesses have recanted their testimonies. Both witnesses have said they were pressured by police to testify against Miller.

Miller's younger brother, Silkk the Shocker, echoed Master P's support of Kim's efforts.