Report: Marvel’s Considering a ‘Blade’ Reboot with Wesley Snipes

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Report: Marvel's Considering a 'Blade' Reboot with Wesley Snipes
Source: Youtube
Report: Marvel's Considering a 'Blade' Reboot with Wesley Snipes

Source: Youtube

Needed and necessary.

With Marvel‘s recent addition to the Disney empire, fans have had to part with some beloved franchises. Namely, those that existed in the Netflix extension of the MCU.

But as The Mouse gears up for the launch of a proprietary streaming service — with all of the comic book giant’s titles in tow — we could soon see the return of some superpowered staples. According to ScreenGeek, a long-flying rumor of a Blade reboot with Wesley Snipes has new legs. The same report claims that Snipes is onboard for the do-over and that a script already exists, focusing on the titular character training the next of vampire-slaying kin, Fallon Grey. All of which would line up well with a recent statement from Disney CEO, Bob Iger, that explicitly declared Disney’s willingness to do the unthinkable with Deadpool: an R-rated movie. And what twisted reality would allow Eric Brooks to be reborn out of anything but a cartoonishly vast pool of vampire blood?

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Of course, this is all speculation until the ink dries on a deal. But this is Marvel, after all. And with a grip of MCU offshoots already in production  —  series based on Falcon, Winter Soldier, Scarlett Witch, and The Vision, all accounted for —  Disney’s clearly not holding back any resources. The Disney+ streaming service is set to launch this September, locked, stocked, and loaded, for battle with Netflix.

Hold tight for updates on Marvel’s Blade reboot in the weeks and months ahead.



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