Louis Vuitton And Virgil Abloh Remove Michael Jackson-Themed Items From Collection

Louis Vuitton And Virgil Abloh Remove Michael Jackson-Themed Items From Collection

Virgil Abloh, Kanye West's Creative Director, Joins Louis Vuitton As New Menswear Designer

Source: Screengrab via the New York Times

The removal follows the release of Leaving Neverland, the documentary centered around child abuse allegations against the late pop icon.

Louis Vuitton has decided to remove Michael Jackson-themed items from its 2019 summer menswear collection. The decision comes after the release of the Leaving Neverland documentary on HBO.

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In a report from Reuters, the collection was shown in January at Paris Fashion week and is due to hit stores in June, but the items dedicated to the late pop star will no longer be a part of the collection.

The French fashion house also claimed it was not aware of the Leaving Neverland documentary at the time Paris Fashion week occurred.

“We find the allegations in the documentary deeply troubling,” Louis Vuitton CEO Michael Burke said.

Virgil Abloh, a Louis Vuitton menswear designer who designed the clothes, also issued a statement on the matter.

“I am aware that in light of this documentary, the show has caused emotional reactions. I strictly condemn any form of child abuse, violence or infringement against any human rights,” Abloh said.

Leaving Neverland is centered on two men — James Safechuck and choreographer and Jackson’s former backup dancer Wade Robson — who allege Jackson sexually abused them when they were children.

Since the release of Leaving Neverland, radio stations in New Zealand and Canada have pulled Jackson’s music.

Source: Reuters

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