LL Cool J was Not a Fan of Kanye's Grammy Award Stunt
LL Cool J was Not a Fan of Kanye's Grammy Award Stunt
Source: Youtube/Showtime

LL Cool J was Not a Fan of Kanye Peeing on a Grammy Award

"Piss in one of them space shoes, B."

The Grammy Awards have never held much import in hip-hop. But when Kanye, one of the most decorated rappers in Grammy history (winner of 21 awards to date,) posted a video of himself urinating on a golden gramophone last month during a hallmark Twitter storm (for which he was briefly suspended,) certain ambassadors of the institution were triggered by the gesture.

One such rep of The Recording Academy was hip-hop vet and five-time Grammy host, LL Cool J, who, in a recent interview on Desus and Mero, blasted West's video for being wildly disrespectful. "Look, now don't get me wrong, there have been some foul things that have happened to some artists around the Grammys. They are not without flaw, but piss on one those fucking space shoes or something. C'mon, man. What the fuck is he doing?," LL remarked on the late-night Showtime program.

The Queens rapper stopped short of an all-out defense of the Grammy Awards, acknowledging their mistreatment of hip-hop stars, specifically their snub of Jay-Z (the only rapper with more awards than West,) after inviting him to attend the ceremony in 2017 only to watch other artists take home statues in each of the eight categories he was nominated in.

It wasn't all shade, though. LL also discussed the early phases of his career, breaking through as a rapper in a radio market dominated by pop stars, pivoting to acting, that time he fought Jamie Foxx on the set of Any Given Sunday ("He thought it was a good idea to punch me in my face, and I strongly disagreed, B,") regretting selling his stake in Def Jam too early, his new dance show, and a whole lot more.

Watch LL Cool J's full interview with Desus and Mero above.