Lauryn Hill's Daughter, Selah Marley, Is All Grown Up In i-D Mag
Lauryn Hill's Daughter, Selah Marley, Is All Grown Up In i-D Mag

Lauryn Hill's Daughter, Selah Marley, Is All Grown Up In i-D Mag

All photos courtesy of i-D / Oliver Hadlee Pearch

Lauryn Hill's little girl is all grown up.

In a new interview with i-D Selah Marley, the daughter of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley, discusses fame and her relationship not only with her parents but her several siblings.

"The hardest thing about coming from a well-known family is being in the limelight," Selah said. "...One of the biggest misconceptions about me is that I've never experienced struggle. I know my life can look very glitz and glam, but there's always another side to the story."

As Hill and Marley's second child (the first being Zion Marley, who recently had a son), the now 18-year-old Selah has since grown into her own, being a student in New York City, as well as building her careers as an artist and model. Most recently, she was also featured in the ad campaign for the SS17 collection of Beyonce's line Ivy Park.

"My mother exposed me to fashion before I even knew what fashion was," Selah said. "I've had the privilege of working with countless legends and esteemed fashion houses. I see modeling as a form of acting - silent acting. You still go into character and are putting on this persona, but are challenged to tell a story with no words."

The interview also includes pictures of Selah's other siblings: Micah, Sarah, John, and Josh.

In related news, Zion, the eldest of Hill and Rohan's children, welcomed son Zephaniah to the world last week (making Hill a grandmother).

Zion took to his Instagram to show pictures of Zephaniah, captioning one with "Welcome to the light."

He also dedicated a picture to his girlfriend, saying: "Another super strong woman in my life right here! Zephaniah's mother. Thank you for bearing him and putting up with everything I put you through. I don't know how you do it but you deserve all the love and all the respect. You are a warrior bringing in little 'Zeph Curry.'"

Hill isn't the only mother seeing her children explore their creativity. Erykah Badu recorded another Instagram video of her daughter Puma Sabti Curry, offering a brief spoken word performance. Prior to that Puma had covered Rihanna's "Stay."