“My Faith in God Got Me Through”: Freeway Breaks His Silence on the Death of His Son

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Freeway recently appeared on Jeezy’s (Re)Session podcast.

Three weeks ago, Freeway shared the news of his 19-year-old son Jihadd’s tragic passing. Shortly afterwards, he appeared on Jeezy‘s (Re)Session podcast and opened up about his healing process. He also revealed that a month before Jihadd’s death, he learned his daughter had been diagnosed with cancer the previous month. Listen to the full episode below.

“On this week’s podcast, I have a very candid conversation with my brother @phillyfreeway,” Jeezy wrote on Instagram. “For the first, he speaks out on [the] tragic loss of his son, being a recent kidney recipient and the importance of taking care of our bodies in the Black communities.”



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“It’s like what I told you about Islam and about God,” Freeway told Jeezy. “Without that, I don’t know where I would be at right now. But my faith in God and my understanding in God really got me through.”

“We’re dealing with that,” Freeway would explain, “and for my son to die in October…they said God tests the ones he loves. He must love me because I’ve been getting hit with a lot of tests.”

After performing at Joe Biden’s recent election rally in Philadelphia, the two fathers bonded over their unfortunate losses. “I want to thank Philly Freeway for being here and performing,” the president-elect said, “I know he’s heartbroken about the loss of his son. I know the pain of burying a son and he does too now, unfortunately. It means the world to me he chose to be here because the election is that important.”

“I know you know the pain that comes with losing a son,” Freeway replied on Instagram. “We are from totally different worlds but we can relate to each other.”

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