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Freeway Shares Beautiful Tribute Following The Death of His Daughter

On Sunday, Freeway shared a post on Instagram announcing that he'd lost his daughter, Harmony.

Philadelphia rap titan Freeway took to Instagram to share that he has lost his daughter, Harmony, 21, who was battling cancer. 

Freeway also wrote a beautiful tribute on Instagram in which he expressed his thoughts on her life and how much of a generous person she was. 

The caption read, “You know the saying sugar and spice and everything nice, well that’s my Harmony! I promise y’all she was the sweetest most kind most caring generous loving adorable person I know. Allah Really blessed me putting her in my life. I love her so much and this hurts so bad...This video was February of this year on her 21st birthday. Even though she was fighting cancer she was always happy and always smiling and she always brightened up my day. She truly was my best friend and I don’t know what I’m gonna do this pain is unimaginable.

In another post he shared:

"From my understanding of religion & Islam I truly believe in my heart of hearts ♥️ that Harmony will make it to Paradise, so that brings me Joy. I’m just so sad because I miss her so much have you ever been around a person that no matter what they’re going through they’re still always happy smiling and Hopeful, well that’s Harmony! Looking through my phone I can’t find a pic when she’s not smiling! Even in hospital beds! I Love her so much!!!!! it’s a Big hole in my ❤️ O & she’s so talented! We did this record a few months before her brother Jihad passed away & she killed it!! 🤲🏾💔❤️ Please keep both of my beautiful children in your duas!"

Freeway also lost Jihad, his son a year ago. Harmony's death arrives at a tough time for the rapper. 

In November of last year, he shared that his faith has been getting him through the loss of Jihad during an appearance on Jeezy’s The (Re)Session podcast. “It’s like what I told you about Islam and about God,” he said. “Without that, I don’t know where I would be at right now. But my faith in God and my understanding in God really got me through.”

Take a look at his tributes below.