Ezra Miller Breaks Silence On “Complex Mental Health Issues”

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The Flash actor Ezra Miller has opened up about their recent controversies, sharing that they are seeking mental health treatment.

Ezra Miller, star of The Flash as part of the DC Films franchise, has apologized. They also opened up about their recent arrests and controversies. The actor, who goes by they/them pronouns, made the announcement on Monday night (August 15), less than one week after Warner Bros. Pictures said they were considering several options for the actor prior to The Flash releasing next June.

“Having recently gone through a time of intense crisis, I now understand that I am suffering complex mental health issues and have begun ongoing treatment,” Miller said. “I want to apologize to everyone that I have alarmed and upset with my past behavior. I am committed to doing the necessary work to get back to a healthy, safe and productive stage in my life.”

It seems that Miller chose Warner Bros. Pictures first option, which, according to a source, Miller could seek professional help and go on an apology tour to explain their recent erratic behavior. If Miller opted not to receive expert care, their role in The Flash marketing and publicity would cease. Although The Flash would still be released in this scenario, Miller’s role would be recast for future projects. The company’s final option would be shelving the $200 million film instead of filming with a different actor.

Last Monday (August 8), 29-year-old Miller was charged with burglary after allegedly stealing alcohol from a Vermont home on May 1. Two days after being charged (August 10), Rolling Stone reported that Vermont’s child services department is attempting to locate a 25-year-old mother and her three children who are allegedly staying at the Miller’s home.

In April, Miller was arrested in Hawaii on the suspicion of second-degree assault at a residence on Pāhoa on the Big Island, when they “became irate after being asked to leave and reportedly threw a chair, striking a 26-year-old female on the forehead.” The arrest came one month after Miller was arrested for harassment and disorderly conduct at a karaoke bar in Hilo, Hawaii.

The Flash is set to premiere in theaters on June 23, 2023

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