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Erykah Badu on Advocating for Smaller Designers: "Take Us Off Your Mood Board and Put Us on Your Payroll"

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The award-winning singer/songwriter recently launched her online store.

In recent weeks, Erykah Badu made headlines for her new, intimate line of incense. Shortly afterwards, she launched a full webshop, Badu World Market. The online store features vinyl records from her critically-acclaimed discography. Additionally, she'll be releasing collaborations with artists she hand-picked from browsing Instagram.

In an interview with Vogue, she discussed the thought process behind her new site launch. Week-by-week, Badu will reveal a new collaboration with a lesser-known designer.

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"I saw a lot of these smaller artists and brands [on Instagram] creating these beautiful things," she said, "but then I’d see them later in these big arenas, in these big houses, from artists and designers who were already established, even recording artists. In hip hop, we call that biting. We don't like biting at all."

Canadian designer/illustrated Jackie Musial is the first featured collaborator. The two collaborated on a line of hoodies and tees featuring an illustration of Badu from 2010.

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"There’s no integrity in it to us, as purists, but at the same time, we just have to learn how to swallow it," Badu continued. "But then I started thinking, why should we have to do that? Why not take us off your mood board and put us on your payroll? So I decided to become an advocate for art and artists who didn’t have as big of a platform."

Badu World Market is live now. Stay tuned on Badu's social media for future collaborations.