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Former NFL Player Calls Donald Trump the "First Black President"

Gettyimages 1203781831 594x594 Photo Credit: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images

The conversation took place during a White House roundtable discussion.

President Donald Trump has increased outreach to Black voters this month. In addition to a new initiative, he hosted a roundtable discussion at the White House.

Guests included conservative media personalities Diamond and Silk, Martin Luther King Jr.'s niece Alveda King, and more. One guest speaker was former NFL player Jack Brewer. According to The Hill, Brewer is a big fan of the president.

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"Mr. President, I don't mean to interrupt," he reportedly said, "but I've got to say this because it's Black History Month. Man, you are the first Black president." The room erupted in applause.

"You've changed me," he continued. "You touched me. And you made my work go to another level. You inspire me. And every time I go into those prisons and I ask my guys how many of them had their sentences reduced and they raise their hands, I know I'm doing God's work and I thank you for that."

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Brewer played four seasons for four NFL teams as an undrafted graduate of the University of Minnesota. His most recent stint lasted five games during the 2005 season with the Philadelphia Eagles. While a member of the New York Giants, Brewer founded a mortgage origination practice. After his final year in the league, he accepted a position as a wealth manager with Merrill Lynch.

In 2008, Brewer supported Barack Obama's campaign for office. Shortly after, however, he soured on Obama's policies. He then began making appearances on Fox Business, praising Donald Trump.

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