Diddy Changes Name to “Love” Again
Diddy Changes Name to “Love” Again

Diddy Changes His Name to Love...Again

Diddy can't make up his mind

Two months ago, Diddy announced that he was changing his name to Love. And then, a couple of days later, Diddysaid it was all a joke. His name was Diddy again.

Well Diddy has changed his mind; you can call him Love again.

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Diddy appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night. While there, Kimmel asked him about the name change. Diddy said he was only joshing about the retraction; he really does want to go by the name Love (which is short for Brother Love.)

I never went back to Diddy and I made an edit from Brother Love, since Im already black, to just Love. The Brother seemed redundant. And its working out great. Who doesnt love Love?

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For those stressed out about the name change, don't fret. You can still call Diddy by his previous names:

You can call me by the other names. This is just an evolution of my soul and my vibration. Im Diddy, but during the days that are really, really good, Im Love which is all of the time.

Watch the entire interaction between Diddy and Jimmy Kimmel below.