Watch Eddie Murphy Become The Black Panther In This Hilarious Spoof Video

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Watch Eddie Murphy Become The Black Panther In This Hilarious Spoof Video
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Honestly, we would watch a full-length version of this.

Marvel’s highly-anticipated Black Panther cannot come any sooner so in the meantime Funny or Die has given us a new Black Panther trailer to keep us satisfied. However, there is a catch — the trailer is actually a spoof that combines Black Panther and Coming To America. However, the combination works really well, the scenes expertly spliced together in such a way that, if you are like us, will wish this was an actual movie.

WATCH: The Official Trailer For Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’

Take for example the fight scenes, in which the scene where Eddie Murphy‘s Prince Akeem faces off against Arsenio Hall‘s Semmi, is changed to where Akeem is now fighting Michael B. Jordan‘s Erik Killmonger. Absolutely brilliant. The official trailer for Black Panther dropped a few weeks ago, revealing a number of the plots a part of the film.

We also broke down Black Panther’s new suit, highlighting everything from how it is impenetrable to bullets to the razor sharp claws the superhero uses to cut into the rim of a tire during the trailer.

In other related news, a Coming To America sequel was announced last month. Paramount Pictures has hired Jonathan Levine, the director of 50/50to shoot the sequel and Black-ish creator and Girls Trip co-writer Kenya Barris to rewrite the movie. Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield, the duo who wrote the 1988 classic, were hired to write the script a couple of months ago. Murphy is also expected to star in the film.

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