Hip hop songs that shook america screening event at the apollo 3
Hip hop songs that shook america screening event at the apollo 3
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Black Thought, Daveed Diggs and More Denounce the President for 45 Lies Project

The 45 Lies project has recruited names like Black Thought and Talib Kweli.

Emmy and Tony Winners, TED fellows and independent producers, have created the 45 Lies project. In response to ongoing critiques of President Donald Trump, poets, rappers, playwrights and more are coming together to give their own personal critiques.

"45 lies SO incessantly," the site's mission statement reads, "that we've become desensitized to his falsehoods which inordinately impact the Black community. Hip Hop culture contains the talent, the reach, and the credibility to “battle” these lies, especially in time to encourage action and dynamic response during election season. #45Lies is an organized and viral campaign to hone and unleash our potential when democracy is literally on the line."

The project's website offers instrumentals available for viewers to download and record their own edition. Supporters are asked to donate to the cause. Proceeds go to the ACLU and the Georgia voting rights organization Fair Fight.

45 lyricists from around the country will take 45 seconds to address one of Donald Trump's contradictions. So far, Talib Kweli, Black Thought, and Daveed Diggs have contributed, amongst others. View the running list of contributors on the project's official website.

Kweli's 45 seconds are dedicated to Trump's comments about the Central Park Five, from June 2019. Poet Rafael Casal's focuses on Trump's xenophobic claims that 100,000 illegal immigrants arrived in America in March 2019. Other topics include Trump's claims that the Hurricane Maria death toll was fabricated by Democrats, his refusal to denounce the Proud Boys, claims that mail-in ballots will lead to a rigged election, and much more.