No suits virgin ep stream 2
No suits virgin ep stream 2

no suits Keep It Casual on Debut 'Virgin' EP [Premiere]

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"4 Virgins make an EP" reads the subject line of the email sent to me by no suitsMax Pierro. His group, an LA-based four-piece forged of a childhood promise "to never wear a suit to work." had just cut their debut project, Virgin. I'm not one who would typically respond to random solicitation, but this felt wholesome. And the EP knocks. 

For a group that prides themselves on keeping it casual, the four-track outing bears marked sophistication, opening with the fuzzy r&b number "Queens," where the group's new-guys-who-like-old-shit M.O. first crystallizes. "I'm Good" follows through with smooth stoner laments over wispy six-strings and ice-cold synths. "Ten Out Of Nine," the project's smoldering two-stepper, is fine-tuned for those night-time-is-the-right-time moments. Virgin's wonky and slightly cheese-and-corn closer, "Man In Tie Dye," is the group finally showing its age, but there's surprising depth to its pop efforts.

You can hear no suits' debut EP below. If it's good to your earhole, pick up a copy on iTunes or head over to their Soundcloud page for a full scroll of their catalog. Hold tight for the next transmission in the weeks and months head.