Nas Performs at Summer Spirit 2018
Nas Performs at Summer Spirit 2018
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Nas Honored Prodigy on Pete Rock-Produced 'Lost Tapes 2' Track

Nas raps about his old friend.

After 17 years, Nas has finally released The Lost Tapes 2, the followup to his 2002 classic compilation album.

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One of the standouts of the album is "Queensbridge Politics," which features production from Pete Rock. On the song, Nas gets introspective about Mobb Deep's Prodigy, who died in 2017. At the time of P's death, two artists, Jeff Henriquez and Eli Lazare, painted a mural to honor the rapper. The mural kept on getting defaced.

On the track Nas raps:

Why Prodigy mural get vandalized? Why Prodigy?

The project politics obviously

Demagogue democracy, in the fog I see the mob represented into the light

N.O.R.E said something similar while speaking about it in an interview in 2017. also adding that Prodigy's book, My Infamous Life, "hurt a lot of people."

Rapping about the book on "Queensbridge Politics," Nas says:

I wish the ‘book never came out

And everything got straightened out

Before you left, I saw you, it was all love

Except we needed to build more and get things correct

He also raps, at another point in the song, "On behalf of me and Queens and all of the Gs Bandana P will always stand as tall as the trees."

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Nas' The Lost Tapes 2 is on pace to sell 17 to 20K copies in its first week. Listen to "Queensbridge Politics" below.