Maxwell Releases Video for "The Glass House"
Maxwell Releases Video for "The Glass House"
Source: Tidal

Maxwell Releases a Politically Charged Video For His New Single "We Never Saw it Coming"

Maxwell Releases Video for "The Glass House" Source: TIDAL

Maxwell szn is upon us

Maxwell has released his first new song in two years, when he released blackSUMMERS'night. The song, called "We Never Saw it Coming," is accompanied by a haunting new video.

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The video, which is called “The Glass House (We Never Saw It Coming),” and, as of now, is a TIDAL-exclusive, features a couple sitting down awaiting as a Mushroom Cloud is approaching.

Speaking about the political direction of his new video, which was directed by Bush + Renz, Maxell said:

As artists and storytellers, we have a responsibility to raise our voices to alert and activate people out of complacency. The Glass House serves as a sobering wake-up call that hopefully, we all have the courage and determination to answer, …before it’s too late.

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Listen to the song below. And if you are a TIDAL subscriber, watch the powerful video, as well.