Ma Dukes Digitally Releases J Dilla’s ‘Dillatroit’ [Stream]

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Ma Dukes Digitally Releases J Dilla's 'Dillatroit'

Ma Dukes Digitally Releases J Dilla's 'Dillatroit'

With a free release from Flying Lotus, a new unannounced visual Beyonce album and now a free stream and digital distribution of none other than the GOAT J Dilla‘s vinyl exclusive Dillatroit, this holiday season has been kind indeed. Released today by the Yancey family monarch and J Dilla Foundation head Ma DukesDillatroit is a compilation of some of Jay Dee’s rarest grooves by the woman who knew him best. The album is stocked with cuts from The Lost Scrolls and Rebirth Of Detroit; two other posthumous releases of the legendary procurer’s catalogue.

While I’ve always contended that the best homage to his legacy would be to simply release the tapes without all the cluttered emcee embellishment, Dillatroit actually does a great service to keeping those cuts clean, where the aforementioned Rebirth Of Detroit mucked up the genius of his production with a slew of mediocre rappers, drowning out the reason we were listening in the first place; the beats dammit! In any case, this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to hear some of the most choice cuts of that great sage of hip-hop and music at large. You can stream the record below, but be sure to get your cards out and actually cop to support the J Dilla Foundation, who is fighting to improve music education programs across the country in the name of the titan of production.

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