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Listen to the Twisted Remix of Luniz’ “I Got 5 On It” From ‘Us’

Listen to the Twisted Remix of Luniz’ “I Got 5 On It” From ‘Us’

First 'Us' Trailer
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“I Got 5 On It” gets a facelift.

Jordan Peele released the first trailer for his new movie, Us, on Christmas Day. The star of that trailer wasn’t Lupita Nyong’o or Winston Duke or Jordan Peele himself. The star of the trailer was a song: Luniz‘ 1995 classic “I Got 5 On It.”

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The song already has a dark sound to it, but Peele had the track chopped and screwed. Now, with the movie only a couple of weeks away, the song has been released. Known as the “Tethered Mix,” the song will be on the Michael Abels-scored soundtrack.

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The mix is slightly under two minutes. And doesn’t feature the verses from the Luniz. But the track still rides. Listen to it below.

Us comes out on March 22.


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