First 'Us' Trailer
First 'Us' Trailer
Source: FilmSelect

Watch the Terrifying First Trailer for Jordan Peele's New Film 'US'

First 'Us' Trailer Source: FilmSelect

"I Got 5 On It" will never sound the same again.

Jordan Peele has released the first trailer for US, the director's first film since Get Out.  Holy shit.

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The trailer features a family who is haunted by doppelganger versions of themselves. Throughout the trailer, you hear's Luniz' iconic "I Got 5 on It" play. As the trailer goes on, the song gets more and more chopped and screwed.

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The trailer dropped on Christmas morning. As soon as the trailer dropped, social media was buzzing:

This movie looks crazy. US comes out on March 15, 2019.