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Mixtape Monday: WateRR x K-sluggah, b0nds, Nowaah The Flood x Dewer, Brainorchestra. + More

Mixtape Monday: WateRR x K-sluggah, b0nds, Nowaah The Flood x Dewer, Brainorchestra. + More

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New WateRR x K-sluggah, b0nds, Nowaah The Flood x Dewer, Brainorchestra. and more this Mixtape Monday.

WateRR and K-sluggah get the ball rolling with the collaborative project On My Square, Nowaah The Flood and Dewer keep the tag team going with The Nowaah and The Dewer, Brainorchestra drops Audio Love Letter, and Fredfades teams with Jawn Rice for Remixes. Infinito 2017 follows with Revolutionary Black Music and J. Rocc puts in work on Beatitudes.

Dua Saleh makes the cut this week with Rosetta, Thijsenterprise returns with Snits, Stas Thee Boss drops jams with On The Quarner and DOC Mastermind is on deck with R.I.C.O. Jamil Honesty makes a declaration of …War, Deuce Ellis and Camo Monk are Camo Ellis and The Colours That Rise close this week with Grey Doubt.

WateRR x K-sluggah – On My Square

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Chicago’s own WateRR is back to follow Master of the Art with On My Square produced entirely by K-sluggah.

b0nds – bluntrap$ 2

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Three years after the release of the original article, b0nds returns to follow bluntrap$ with the 10-track sequel bluntrap$ 2.

Nowaah The Flood x Dewer – The Nowaah and The Dewer

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Nowaah The Flood and the artist formerly known as Evildewer link up on their self-titled collaborative album The Nowaah and The Dewer featuring $tack$.


Brainorchestra. – Audio Love Letter

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Brainorchestra. keeps the heat coming straight from the MPC Live with the follow-up to PREFIX titled Audio Love Letter.


Fredfades x Jawn Rice – Remixes

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One year after Jacuzzi Boyz, Fredfades and Jawn Rice are back in the habit with the release of the Remixes EP.


Infinito 2017 – Revolutionary Black Music

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Infinito 2017 chants down Babylon on the album of music for protest and conversation titled Revolutionary Black Music.


J.Rocc – Beatitudes

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J.Rocc is back with a handful of loops and beats for the people (and for charity) titled Beatitudes.


Dua Saleh – Rosetta

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Dua Saleh pays tribute to rock&roll legend and queer icon Sister Rosetta Tharpe with the release of the Rosetta EP.


Thijsenterprise – Snits

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Thijsenterprise is back on deck to follow Smoetsie and Proefmonster with the “headnod punkjazz” opus Snits.


Stas Thee Boss – On The Quarner

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Providing the soundtrack for all of your social distancing needs, Stas Thee Boss drops On The Quarner featuring tracks from Clark & The Community, Jon Bap, 10.4 Rog, Mtume, Knxwledge and more.

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DOC Mastermind – R.I.C.O.

Source: Artist

Paris’ own DOC Mastermind drops a boogie funk gem with the release of the otherworldly R.I.C.O. EP.


Jamil Honesty – This Is War

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Jamil Honesty represents for the good city of Baltimore with This Is War featuring Ill Conscious, Josiah The Gift, Supreme Cerebral, Codenine and more.


Deuce Ellis x Camo Monk – Camo Ellis

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Deuce Ellis and Camo Monk combine acid jazz and boom bap to fiery effect on the Camo Ellis beat tape.


The Colours That Rise – Grey Doubt

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Representing for the UK, The Colours That Rise deliver on the Grey Doubt album featuring Andrew Ashong and Yazmin Lacey.


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