Rapper Andre 3000 performs onstage at 2016 ONE Musicfest at Lakewood Amphitheatre on September 10, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Rapper Andre 3000 performs onstage at 2016 ONE Musicfest at Lakewood Amphitheatre on September 10, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Killer Mike Says André 3000 Album Comment Was a Joke

"Y'all done took the joke too seriously," he said during a recent appearance on V-103, a radio station in Atlanta.

Well, looks like Killer Mike was just joking about André 3000 working on a new album.

During an appearance on the Atlanta radio station V-103, Killer Mike addressed the recent comments he made on Sway In the Morning about 3000 having an album in the works.

"I was stoned out of my mind playing, teasing with y’all. Y’all done took the joke too seriously," he said. "But you know, [Andre 3000’s] always making music. He’s never not making music. So I got a chance to hear a lot of cool stuff… If you want to hear Dre though, I know where you can. It’s this album called Michael that’s out right now. There is Dre, Future, and Killer Mike…"

The topic of Three Stacks having now music on the way came about during Killer Mike's stop on Sway In the Morning.

“What I’m hearing is Dre got an album coming,” Sway said as Killer Mike gave 3000 and Big Boi praise for the opportunities they’ve given him, with the Michaelrapper responding: “Yeah. I think we fly out in a couple weeks to go listen to it.”

“I thought you were joking,” one of Sway’s co-hosts said in response to the news, with Mike replying, “No, he does.”

Killer Mike On Andre 3000 Track, Connecting with God & His New Album 'Michael' | SWAY’S UNIVERSEwww.youtube.com

Now, it's unknown when or if 3000 will ever actually release some solo music. But in the meantime, we do have his appearance on the Michael single “Scientists & Engineers.” The song, which also features Eryn Allen Kane and Future, marks 3000’s latest since “Life of the Party” with Kanye West in 2021.

Killer Mike - Scientists & Engineers ft. Future, Andre 3000, Eryn Allen Kane [Audio]youtu.be

In a separate interview with The Breakfast Club, Killer Mike shared that he also has another song with 3000, which he plans to release in 2024. The Run the Jewels member shared that 3000’s verse clocks in at seven minutes.

“There is another Killer Mike and Dre feature, and all we gotta do is make this album go Number 1 and make the guys from the label really, really happy and I’ll be right back next year,” he said. “He [Andre 3000] always raps longer. When you handsome, all the girls like you, you get to rap longer… It’s a record that women gon’ like. And players. If you’re a player, you gon’ love it too.”

3000, legal name André Benjamin, contributed music to the Everything, Everywhere, All At Once soundtrack last year, and also co-starred in fellow A24 movie Showing Up. Since then, the 48-year-old has been spotted in random cities with his signature flute, his last public sighting being in Tokyo.