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Mae Martin Talks About Calling Out Dave Chappelle in Their New Netflix Special

In an interview with Rolling Stone, comedian Mae Martin explained why they name-dropped Dave Chappelle in their Netflix stand-up special.

Mae Martin had some words for Dave Chappelle in their new Netflix stand-up comedy special. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the 35-year-old Canadian comedian and actor opened up about name-dropping Chappelle in their stand-up SAP, and speaking out against anti-trans rhetoric.

“When you’re someone who’s part of the trans community, it can feel like a lose-lose,” Martin said. “Because as soon as I start talking about it, people are like, ‘Ugh, these people are constantly whining.'”

Martin added that as a trans person, it felt right for them to sound off on transphobic remarks.

"It’s a very difficult tone to hit because I do care about it so deeply, and could so easily rant for hours about how annoyed I am," they said. "So if it’s in any way helpful for people to see someone speaking about their lived experience and cutting through the endless debate about whether trans people deserve to be happy, then hopefully it’s worth it."

Martin also revealed that they attempted to do the special without referring to Chappelle by name, but it was impossible to do show.

“It just felt like I was trying to be coy,” Martin told RS. “I feel confident about what I’m saying, so I might as well just name them.”

Netflix has stood beside Chappelle since the release of his controversial 2021 stand-up special, The Closer, where he joked at length about the trans community. When the 49-year-old comedian was assaulted onstage at Netflix Is A Joke: The Festival last May, the streamer released a statement condemning the act. "We care deeply about the safety of creators and we strongly defend the right of stand-up comedian to perform on stage without fear of violence," they wrote.

Mae Martin: SAP premieres March 28 on Netflix.

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