"It's an Honor to Run Against You": Kanye Congratulates Kamala Harris on VP Nomination
"It's an Honor to Run Against You": Kanye Congratulates Kamala Harris on VP Nomination
Photo Credit: Marc Piasecki/WireImage via Getty Images

Kanye West Spent the Debate Promoting His Campaign Merchandise

Kanye West also details his campaign platform on his website.

On Wednesday night, the vice-presidential debate ran live from Salt Lake City on CNN. While most viewers focused on the candidates' promises, Kanye West took the time to ask for a little help. Shortly after the broadcast, he posted a link to his official campaign website, where viewers are encouraged to donate.

The site features shirts, hoodies, and hats emblazoned with slogans like "vision," "God save America," and "Vote for Kanye." Voters can donate in installments of $20, $100, $200, $500, $1,000 and $2,800, or enter a donation amount of your choice.

Despite the many setbacks of Kanye's campaign, he will appear on write-in ballots in Iowa and absentee ballots in California as a vice-presidential candidate.

Kanye originally announced his campaign back in July and it's been a rocky road ever since. During a rally in South Carolina, he made headlines for his anti-abortion propaganda and claims that Harriet Tubman sent Black people to work for other white slave owners. He's been accused of attempting to take Black votes away from the Democratic party, and also been accused of voter fraud.

In recent weeks, Kanye's focused his sights on the music industry, comparing labels like Sony and Universal Music Group "modern-day slave ships." "I need to see everybody's contracts at Universal and Sony," he tweeted. "I'm not gonna watch my people be enslaved. I'm putting my life on the line for my people." Since then, he's given his G.O.O.D. Music signees his original 50 percent share of their masters.

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