Exile Dusts Off The MPC To Remix "Holy Grail"

Exile Dusts Off The MPC To Remix Jay Z's "Holy Grail"


Exile has dusted off his trusty MPC to remix “Holy Grail” – the standout JT collab from Jay Z‘s Magna Carta Holy Grail LP – before diving into “Dear Summer” and “FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt.” Exile opens the production session with a solid gold shot of chest hair and some hilarious antics before unleashing the beast of a rework that begins rather modestly with the opening piano chords and vocals from Justin Timberlake that belie what is about to occur once the first chops drop. Exile completely strips and guts the Timbaland original before injecting it with a heavier bottom, placing a big chip on its shoulder and sending it out onto the dancefloor to put in that work. Soul samples and sinister bass lines mark a transition to the subsequent Jigga tracks that signal a decisive turn up. Check the footage below to watch Exile’s flip of “Holy Grail.” Keep your fingers crossed for more.

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