Dag Savage (Exile & Johaz) "Wine & Cheese" feat. Jimetta Rose

Dag Savage (Exile & Johaz) "Wine & Cheese" feat. Jimetta Rose

by shamz
September 16, 2013 4:15 PM

Dag Savage "Wine & Cheese"

Dag Savage (Exile x Johaz) keep it classy (or as classy as you can get at a scrap yard) with their new video for “Wine & Cheese” featuring Jimetta Rose. With some of the least appetizing entrees imaginable on the menu (served up by Exile), watch Johaz take his lady out for a romantic evening, below. Directed by LessIsMore Visuals. With the video, HHDX also announces that Dag Sav will be releasing their debut LP, E & J, at the top of 2014. L.A.: Catch Dag Sav, Emanon, Blu & Exile, Fashawn, MED, Co$$, Blame One, and more at The Echo on Thursday (9/19), flyer, below.


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