Watch DJ Premier Discuss His Favorite Guru Verse Ever
Watch DJ Premier Discuss His Favorite Guru Verse Ever
Source: Genius

Watch DJ Premier Discuss How His Favorite Guru Verse Ever Came Together

Watch DJ Premier Discuss His Favorite Guru Verse Ever Source: Genius

He also talked about why he wasn't upset about Lil Uzi Vert not wanting to freestyle over "Mass Appeal" a few years ago.

DJ Premier has shared his favorite Guru verse.

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While speaking with Genius' Rob Markman as a part of his For the Record series about Gang Starr's recently-released One of the Best Yet album, Premier was asked what his favorite Guru verse is of all time.

"'You Know My Steez.'...That one, I literally was going to see my family and I was leaving that day. He goes 'I can do it without you.' I'm like, 'You sure?' Because we've never done it without each other,' Premier said.

"I was like, All right, just don't forget when it goes, 'I think right now we start the show,' wait a bar...," the producer continued. However, the late Guru didn't wait a bar and instead came in right after the "I think right now we start the show" part. But the DJ and producer ended up liking it and didn't want to change it.

"I was like, 'Damn, this sounds dope. We ain't got to fix nothing, it's perfect," he said.

Elsewhere during his chat with Markman, Premier also spoke on how Lil Uzi Vert refused to do a freestyle over an instrumental of Gang Starr's "Mass Appeal." The incident occurred back in 2016 when Uzi appeared on Hot 97.

Premier recounted how a fan told him on Twittter that he needed to ban Uzi, to which the producer replied, "He doesn't have to rhyme to anything I do. It's all love."

From there, Uzi and Premier had messaged one another on Twitter, with the Philly rapper thanking the producer for coming to his defense and clarifying why he didn't want to rap over "Mass Appeal."

"It wasn't that 'Mass Appeal' is whack or whatever. That just wasn't the style of beat I wanted to rhyme over," Premier recalled Uzi saying. "If it had been 'Full Clip' instrumental, I would've been with it."