Watch Discuss Creativity, Art, Going To Sudan As A Child, In 'UNDONE' Video Series [Premiere]
Watch Discuss Creativity, Art, Going To Sudan As A Child, In 'UNDONE' Video Series [Premiere]
Source: UNDONE / Vimeo

Oddisee Comes 'UNDONE', Talks Creativity, Art, And The Balance of It All [Premiere]

UNDONE, an award-winning documentary series of video interviews has unveiled its latest guest, and it's none other than Amir Mohamed el Khalifa, better known as rapper Oddisee.

The seven-minute-long interview finds the D.C. rapper discussing creativity, art, going to Sudan as a child, and happiness.

"I'm happy for so many reasons. I'm happy because I have good food in my refrigerator. I have a roof over my head that I enjoy so much that I don't want to leave it," Oddisee says about the latter topic. "...I believe a balanced human being should have time for self, time for significant other, time for friends and time for family. And I believe if any two out of those four things are out of the picture, you're an imbalanced human being."

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As for visiting Sudan as a child, Oddisee says that the experience "was a profound impact on him."

"It changed me forever. I suddenly never valued anything else that my friends valued ever again," he says. "Those summer vacations I went from my comfortable house in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. to a third world country, where I saw child soldiers, infant mortality, missiles, military police, secret police...that forever changed me going back to Sudan."

Created by Lili Lopez, UNDONE hopes "to prove that life is not just about 'Being' but also 'Becoming.'" The series of short documentary films features a line-up of Creative Entrepreneurs in New York. These intimate video profiles will invite inspiring men and women to share their own unique stories and personal journeys toward being who they are and want to be.

Because the focus is on the message rather than the speaker, the identity of each interviewee is only revealed at the end of each film, following a succession of close-up shots starting.

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