LaKeith Stanfield I Hate U Video
LaKeith Stanfield I Hate U Video
Photo Credit: YouTube

SZA Drops "I Hate U" Visual Starring A Pained LaKeith Stanfield

Jack Begert directs SZA's new "I Hate U" visual which features LaKeith Stanfield doing what he does best, but this time on a beach.

In today's episode of When Is SZA's Album Dropping?LaKeith Stanfield makes an appearance in the TDE artists' visual for "I Hate You."

Though the latest single features gentle production, the video directed by Jack Begert starring Stanfield draws attention to arguments in relationships, mainly due to the lyrics.

LaKeith does a stellar job at coming across as a pained partner who is flipping out. We might even venture to say he's past the point of no return. At one point, he yells into the phone. A bit later he stands in front of a large body of seawater at the beach, it's then that he receives the "I hate u" text from SZA. We had an inkling he'd throw it in if he was triggered by something, but nothing prepared us for that actual moment.

Just before 2022 arrived, SZA blessed her fans with an official version of "I Hate U" on streaming platforms after it was previously released on SoundCloud.

Take a look at SZA's "I Hate U" visualizer below starring LaKeith Stanfield.