New 'Luke Cage' Video Highlights Series' 'Hip-Hop Foundation'

New 'Luke Cage' Video Highlights Series' 'Hip-Hop Foundation'

New 'Luke Cage' Video Highlights Series' 'Hip-Hop Foundation'

The season premiere of Luke Cage is getting closer and closer, with Netflix dropping little teasers such as this one a couple days ago.

Now, another clip has dropped that briefly explains the importance of music in Luke Cage, told by both the series’ showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker and its composers Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge.

“From a musical perspective, Ali and I look at this as if we’re creating 13 albums,” Younge says in the video. “It was really about that hip-hop foundation, and making sure that those drums were just, like, big as day,” adds Muhammad.

Prior to this we were already made aware of how integral music will be to the next installation in Marvel‘s list of Netflix shows. We learned that each episode will be named after a Gangstarr song, and that certain standout scenes will be tracked by some of rap’s most iconic artists (such as this one with the Wu-Tang Clan). The series will also include onscreen performances by artists, and you get a sample of that in this video (and it’s none other than Raphael Saadiq).

“One of the things I was explaining is the speed of hip-hop,” Coker says. “It happens at the speed of thought so if you really ran into Luke, and all of a sudden — boom, there’s going to be a beat. That’s all it takes.”

Harlem’s very own A$AP Ferg makes a brief cameo in the clip (might we possibly see an A$AP member make a special appearance in the forthcoming series?), as does the Wu-Tang’s Method Man who geeks out over the aforementioned scene that features the rap collective’s music.

“Brothers like me been waiting for it since I was eight years old,” Method Man said. “And now it’s here and I’m ecstatic.”

Check out the video below and mark your calendars for September 30 — Marvel is going to Harlem.

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