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Nas, Don Toliver, Big Sean and Hit-Boy Connect for the "Replace Me" Video

Nas drops the third video from his latest album King's Disease.

Nas is keeping his foot on the gas since the release of his 13th studio album, King's Disease. On Wednesday, he dropped the third video from the album, "Replace Me" with Big Sean and Don Toliver. Stream the full video below.

Christian Sutton of Psycho Films directed the video, which finds the three artists modeling for a green-screen fashion catalogue.

King's Disease was the third major project Hit-Boy's been a major part of this year. He also produced the entirety of the new Benny the Butcher album, Burden of Proof. Additionally, he served as executive producer for Big Sean's Detroit 2.

"As crazy as it might sound," Hit-Boy said of the recording process, "Nas came in like, 'man, let's really just make records. Don't treat it like 'Oh, I'm working with Nas.' Let's really just make the shit that sounds hard. It's not about whose name is attached to it.' Sean did the same thing. Capturing moments, making it sound as modern as possible."

Hit-Boy expressed his excitement for Burden of Proof back in September.

"That came together the same way Nas and Big Sean did," he said. "Just real organic. We were going song by song, and before you look up, we've got a whole album worth of content. Lately, what I've been doing...I've been staying locked in on my shit, making the hardest beats I could possibly make in the moment, and people are gravitating towards them. I'm trying to keep that energy going."