Latasha Alcindor Drops Black & White Visuals For “Ol’ BK Soul” ft. Radamiz [Premiere]

Photo Credit: Jahmel Reynolds / Ren Revolution

Photo Credit: Jahmel Reynolds / Ren Revolution

“You are watching a cocoon at work.”

Hailing from New York, Latasha Alcindor embodies the definition of a contemporary hip-hop artist with a story to tell. Today, @Okayplayer premieres L.A.’s newest video for “Ol’ BK Soul” featuring Radamiz, which serves as the sixth video off her newest album, Teen Nite at Empire. In the clip directed by KidzRevil, the rapper is seem traveling through the streets of Brooklyn, documenting all of the nostalgic memories created in her hometown.

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Speaking on the record, Alcindor states, “My whole album Teen Nite at Empire is a raw femme perspective through my memory of Brooklyn before the gentrification and changes. ‘Ol’ BK Soul’ is the thesis of the album and Radamiz added a balance of storytelling.”

Alcindor recently starred in a NBC Left Field mini-documentary, which highlights her journey as “a Brooklyn rapper who left her finance career to pursue art full-time.” The 5-minute clip leads into a discussion on what it really means to be a full-time independent artist, showcasing a roundtable of local artists and friends who share their take on the struggles of pursuing their dreams as a first generation millennial.

The open forum inspired L.A. to embark on her upcoming All A Dream House Party tour. In regards to the first half of the name, the goal is to bring together a slew of independent artists to speak out and share their various struggles. In regards to the second half of the name, the show comes in form of everyone’s favorite way of celebrating: the house party. With the fine details still to be determined, the official launch date for the All A Dream House Party tour will take place in Austin, TX in March of 2018.

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“I am not here to compete with any other rappers or fight for shine on a record. Especially my own. I am here to give an experience, one that has been buried alive by the world’s social construct,” L.A. told @Okayplayer exclusively. “Ol’ BK Soul” is a small part of a masterpiece I created earlier this year called Teen Nite at Empire. The album is the quintessential “follow the around way girl” factual mythology and only has two features on the whole album. Throughout the project, I am spazzing for dear life and for Brooklyn. “Ol’ BK Soul” is a transitional track and is dedicated to giving balance and space to male energy within my N.Y. raw femme lens and I wanted the video to mimic this. The video was shot by the amazing KidzR’Evil. We decided that we didn’t want to film some over-the-top mockery of Brooklyn, we wanted to use what we have and give you the simple raw beauty of what it is.”

“Ol’ BK Soul” feeds the soul, as Alcindor and Radamiz trade verses over a smooth, souled-out beat. is a record for the soul. And more importantly, it’s relatable. The record was made for anybody who is miserable in their 9-5, and ready to take that leap of faith to pursue their dreams.

Watch below as L.A. turns hers into a reality.

Shirley Ju is a Los Angeles-based writer who grew up in the Bay Area. She lives, breathes, and sleeps hip-hop, and is literally on top of new music the moment it is released. If there’s a show in L.A., you can find her there. Follow the latest on her and on Twitter @shirju.

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