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Kool Keith Announces New Dr. Octagon Album, Shares First Single “Octagon Octagon”

Kool Keith Announces New Dr. Octagon Album, Shares First Single “Octagon Octagon”

Kool Keith Announces New Dr. Octagon Album, Shares First Single "Octagon Octagon"
Source: Motor Mouth Media

Dr. Octagon, the hip-hop group made up of Kool KeithDan the Automator, and DJ Qbert, are returning for the first album together in 22 years.

STREAM: MF DOOM Recruits Kool Keith For New Adult Swim Single “Notebook 04” (Prod. Astronote)

Titled Moosebumps: An Exploration Into Modern Day Horripilation, the album is being described as the “true sequel” to Dr. Octagon’s 1996 debut album Dr. Octagonecologyst. Speaking with the Fader, Keith also referred to Moosebumps as “one of the best sophomore albums recorded.”

“It was very pure. We did everything on our own and made the record the way we wanted to make it,” the Automator added in a statement. “There was no label telling us what to do.”

Along with the album’s announcement has come the first single, “Octagon Octagon.”

Moosebumps drops on April 6 via Bulk Recordings. All physical versions of the album will include an exclusive 12th track called “Aviator Hype.” For those wanting a Moosebumps vinyl, a special limited edition version of the double LP with blood splattered vinyl and alternate gatefold album art, is available on the group’s official website (only 1,000 will be released).

Check out the track list below.

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Last year, Keith popped up on a track with DOOM titled “Notebook 04.” The song was a part of DOOM and Adult Swim’s The Missing Notebook Rhymes, a compilation of unreleased DOOM tracks that were supposed to come out in a span of 15 weeks but was canceled abruptly.

Moosebumps: An Exploration Into Modern Day Horripilation Track List

1. “Octagon Octagon”
2. “Polka Dots”
3. “Black Hole Son”
4. “Power Of The World”
5. “Operation Zero”
6. “Bear Witness IV”
7. “Area 54 (IG2)”
8. “Flying Waterbed (IG4)”
9. “3030 Meets The Doc Pt.1”
10. “Karma Sutra”
11. “Hollywood Tailswinging”


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