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Kanye West Calls Into Ebro In The Morning; Tells Ebro 'I Love You'
Source: Screengrab via BBC Radio 1/YouTube

Kanye West Calls Into 'Ebro In The Morning' Following Trump Controversy

On Monday morning, Hot 97's Ebro discussed how he and Kanye West recently had a 30-minute conversation in which the two talked about the latter's controversial remarks on Twitter (most notably him saying he likes the way conservative pundit Candace Owens thinks), as well as the rapper declaring he loves Donald Trump.

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Now, following Ebro's Hot 97 segment, West called in to speak with the radio host, where he proceeded to repeatedly tell the radio host that he loves him.

"We on the air?" West asks before continuing "I just called to say I love you."

"I love you too man," Ebro responds. "Are you leading with love, is that what we're doing today?"

"I love you, bruh," West replies. The back and forth goes on, with the GOOD Music artist even singing Stevie Wonder's "I Just Called to Say I Love You" to the radio host.

Finally, the conversation comes to an end when West suggests the two should meet up in person.

Following the radio segment, Ebro took to Twitter where he said he talked with West on the phone, and referred to him as a troll.

This past weekend, West announced that he's producing a new Nas album.

"I'm hand producing all the albums I tweeted about. Been chopping samples from the sunken place," West wrote on Twitter Sunday evening. "Pusha May 25th My album June 1st me and Cudi June 8th and Teyana June 22nd and oh yeah…Nas June 15th."