Hannibal Buress Explains Why Comedians Should Give Hecklers a Platform on ‘Desus and Mero’

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Hannibal Buress Explains How To Deal with Hecklers on 'Desus and Mero'

Hannibal Buress Explains How To Deal with Hecklers on 'Desus and Mero'

VICELAND‘s Desus & Mero, home to only the most illustrious guests, was blessed by an appearance from comedian and medium-famous celebrity, Hannibal Buress, last night. As one of the few guests the Bronx duo actually knows, it presented a moment for Buress to share some of his keys to getting recognized as the black guy on Broad City and being yelled at in public by people that can place his face, but can’t address him as more than “comedy!.”

But the segment wasn’t entirely a guide to mid-tier stardom. Elsewhere in the interview, The Bodega Boys inquire of Buress, just as they do of any stand-up that graces their studio, as to how he handles his hecklers. Buress picks an uncommon angle of approach, opting to give his a platform after recounting a moment when an audience member asked him to “check his misogyny,” but upon engaging with the woman’s request, found she had nothing else to contribute to the conversation. So he roasted her, and rightfully so. Watch as Hannibal Buress reveals his guide to handling hecklers on Desus & Mero below. Watch the whole episode over at VICELAND and tune in tonight at 11pm to see them live and direct.

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