Gallant, Saba, & Lophiile Release "Bourbon" Video
Gallant, Saba, & Lophiile Release "Bourbon" Video
Photo courtesy of YouTube.

Gallant Hooks Up With Saba For His New Version of "Bourbon"

Gallant, Saba, & Lophiile Release "Bourbon" Video Photo courtesy of YouTube.

Back in February, R&B singer Gallant appeared on NPR's Tiny Desk series.It was a pretty special performance. One that got even better when, seemingly out of nowhere, Chicago rapper Saba popped up and rapped a monster verse. Saba performed on Gallant's "Bourbon," which is one of the standout tracks off the singer's debut album Ology.

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Now that version of "Bourbon" is getting an official push. The new version of the song, which is produced by Lophiile, is a little more upbeat and a little grander.

The just-released video for the song is stylish, featuring sharp shots and cuts of Gallant and Saba in a city.

The Fader premiered the video. And they were able to get some quotes from Gallant and Saba about how the video came about.

Saba told the Fader:

"When Gallant reached out about remixing 'Bourbon,' we only had a few days to put it together before performing for the first time on NPR's Tiny Desk...The performance got such a great response from the fans that we had to do an official release, so I caught a flight out to L.A. where we linked up to shoot the visual, and we're excited to share it today."

Watch the "Bourbon" video below.

SOURCE: The Fader